Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Product Review: Garlic Jalapeno Mustard

Thought after a recipe, I might as well do a review of one of my favorite new products.  I picked this up at my local Renaissance Festival last weekend and have been in love ever since.  I've never been a fan of the typical yellow mustard, but have always enjoy the ones with a bite more bite like dijons.  I admit it was the "garlic" part that pulled me over to the booth, and I wouldn't have given this product a second glance if it weren't for the fact they were giving out samples with little pretzel sticks.  I must say this is one of the best mustards I've had.  It's smooth and creamy (although I usually enjoy textured mustards) but the garlic and jalapeno give it an amazing taste.  It's just spicy enough to enjoy without being overpowering, so it's good for a casual sandwich.  I also have tried mixing this with soy sauce to eat steam pork potstickers and it was delicious.

Best part is that it's only 10 calories per serving, so I can have as much as I want without feeling guilty.

For anybody curious, check out their website.


  1. That... that sounds really tasty!!!

  2. I used to hate mustard as a kid and now I find I like it. Even just plain old yellow mustard. I also use dry mustard powder when I make barbeque sauce and HO GOD MY BARBEQUE SAUCE IS AMAZING IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF. But that's probably because I use molasses in it ;)

    Oh, and Ren Faire is like, the best place to find new foods. I tried mead once, then found out that there's a meadery only about 15 minutes from where I live - yes, an entire mead-brewin operation. I only bought 1 bottle the first time I was there, but I will probably go pick up some more when they get their apple mead in XD

  3. omg why did u show me this (drools) i must have this would go great on my sandwiches and what a weird find at a renfest

  4. I never knew they made mustard like that! I'll have to try some.

  5. I need to get some of this for my husband. this is just right up his alley.