Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food Pictures

Haven't had a lot of time on the computer since I left Georgia and arrived in San Diego.  Having a great time with my friends.  Currently we're staying in Riverside and ate at a delicious restaurant called Hot Chicks.  The food was amazingly delicious and the presentation was nice as well, so I snapped a few pictures with my cell.

Mellie's meal.  Chicken, green beans, and rice.
Monica's Kung Pao Chicken and salad.
Maggie's duck with bok choi.  Didn't get a picture of it until after we chowed down.

Rick's fried noodles.  Yum.
My delicious tempura shrimp and udon noodle soup.  The chopsticks were quite slippery and difficult to use.  I also had an iced thai boba tea.

The day before we ate at a sushi place and three of us split 6 half rolls and a couple desserts.

I loved the presentation with the orchid flowers.

My tempura banana and ice cream with a chocolate drizzle.  The mint added a nice touch.

Monica and Mellie split some lemon cake, but I'm not really a fan.

From lunch today at Phood on Main:

My open faced tuna melt with capers.  So good and so filling.

Monica and Mellie split a few things, including this delicious papaya and spinach salad.

Then we went to a cupcake store as I was promised cupcakes.

Quite a selection, it was difficult for me to choose.

Mellie got a cinnamon and brown sugar cupcake that was amazing.

Monica got the flavor of the month- mint and chocolate oreo.

I got a raspberry cupcake nomnomnom.

I still have wedding food pictures to upload but they're on my camera still.  I'll get to those soon. 


  1. Omg that all looks so. damn. good. It probably doesn't help I haven't had breakfast yet. Amazing looking cupcakes! I bet they tasted great too :D

  2. I'm soo jealous. I went out for sushi last night, and it was overpriced and just not good. Then when we left we found out we had a $50 parking ticket -_-


    but your post cheered me up!

  3. My gosh, that looks so delicious. Would love to sink myself into a few of those.

  4. Yumm! I am reading this while hungry :O ouuuch.

  5. looks good and actually somewhat healthy

  6. Tempura Banana! That sounds awesome!

  7. omg those look soooo good! Drooling over them soooo bad D: